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Ask yourself this:

Are you having trouble rapidly qualifying your leads?

Are you losing track of your lead's Status and Position?

Does it take you too long to follow up with your leads properly?

Are you constantly losing important information about your clients?

Are you using way too many platforms to manage your customers?

Do you waste way too much time learning how to use other CRMs and train your team?

How to Double Your Conversion Rate

Sell faster, communicate easier, convert higher, and work quicker today

Built-in Automated Follow-Ups

Stop wasting hundreds of hours learning how to build and automate solar campaigns. We have already done everything for you!

Pipeline Dashboard

Keep track of your leads' status during the sales process. Make sure you do not leave anyone behin

Human Appointment Setting

Don't have time to call and book appointments with unqualified Leads? Let our team of trained and experienced Virtual Assistants help you out!

Surveys & Forms

We will help you integrate ALL your landing pages with our pre-built Forms and use our Surveys to qualify your leads properly before contacting them.

Website Builder

Build an amazing and professional Website or Funnel inside our platform. You do not need to pay extra and subscribe to other builders or hosting.

Calendar & Task Manager

Always have your Calendar synced and updated. Make sure to share it with your clients, book appointments, and activate reminders with only 1 Click.

SMS & Dialer Campaigns

Text and Call your clients without having to change between platforms or devices. Track all your communication flow in one place.

Social Media Integration

Integrate all your lead gen. sources and monitor Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Analyze your results and plan your next marketing budget.

Appointment Setting

Mix our professional campaigns with phone calls and get the most out of your Leads.

Stop wasting time training and managing Virtual Assistants. Let our Trained and Experienced virtual assistants Book Appointments for you.

You can monitor all the results with 1-Click while we manage the service for you, starting at $89.

Let us help you grow your business.

We provide a premium appointment setting service so that you can focus on selling!

Focus on what you are outstanding at, selling, by letting us find premium leads for you.

We have a very efficient appointment setting that will personally call all your leads to understand their needs and provide you with a detailed report of what you can expect when you contact them.

Let us help you grow your business.

Website Design Services: Get a Custom Site Optimized for SEO and Mobile


Your website is the first interaction consumers have with your business in today's digital world.

Almost 95% of a user's first impression relates to web design. That's why web design services can have an immense impact on your company's profit. So if you want to make money, you need a good image.

Social Media Management

Today, social media is one of the most crucial aspects of a company. After all, it's how you build trust with your customer.

If you do not have time to create premium content for your social media or know when to post your content to achieve maximum engagement, we can help you do that.

The solar pipeline is owned, managed, and operated by experienced solar industry experts who have a passion for helping businesses to grow in a profitable and sustainable way.

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Solar pipeline is owned, managed, and operated by experienced solar industry experts who have a passion for helping the businesses to grow in a profitable and sustainable way.